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CaretoSolve was Co-founded by Mr. Gurudatt Shenoy and Mr. Joseph Baxter in March, 2018.

About Gurudatt Shenoy

Gurudatt is an entrepreneur in security and web development since 2009. Prior to that he had a sucessful career as a software programmer in big and small organizations in India. Between 2009-2012 he was the co-founder and CEO of EasySecured Software & Services Ltd. and helped the company develop innovative authentication technologies such as Passwordless authentication. He received the India Innovator award from Department of Science and Technology, India which was sponsored by FICCI (Industry body) and Lockeed Martin Corp, USA.

He has also enabled his company get recognition through many local and international awards, the important one being finalist at the Global Security Challenge at Sydney Australia. He is the inventor of EasySecured Password less authentication, DevID split identity authentication and Invisocial Encryption method. Tough he had earlier filed patent for his technology, he has now made it opensource and you can review them on Github - Invisocial and Github - CryptoGuru

Contact Info

Email : easysecured @ gmail dot com

About Joseph Baxter

Joseph comes with a science background and with 29 years experience in science and business development. He has built a strong foundation for driving strategies and solutions in high tech industries. Joseph’s success is derived from technology and people and is currently the co-founder as well as Angel Investor in TondBook. Joseph looks forward to many more years driving development initiatives and the challenges of bringing programs to fruition.

Key Highlights of Joseph's illustrious career includes:

-Managing Director, Red Herring
-prior VC with numerous investments and licensing deals that led to IPO and acquisitions
-Published author in Pharmacology and Chemistry publications
-Co-founder of thewishcafe.com, ManageMyPass.com and Invisocial.com, networks addressing privacy concerns.
-Served as a Board Member/Advisor/Consultant to numerous startups in the USA, Japan and India.
-Developed the marketing and business development for 3 innovative beverage brands from Japan and USA

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