Startups Grove
3 months

2019 Startups Grove Top 100 Women USA Awards- Sep 20 @ the Battery Penthouse

Women leaders from all over the USA on Friday, September 20th, will converge at the Battery Penthouse for the most amazing women's event of its kind from afternoon until evening. The women CEOs and executive management will vie for the prize - the Startups Grove Top 100 Women USA Award. Each pre-selected leader will present their company in different rooms to an audience mostly made up of women leaders and judges from industry and venture capital as well as the Startups Grove team of experts. Attendance will be limited to 300 people and only 20 pre-selected highest rated companies and women leaders will present for 12 min to the audience and take questions for 5 min. Out of this the Top 10 companies will be given the Startups Grove Top 10 USA Award and the other 90 companies the Startups Grove Top 100 Award.

To Apply or Join visit https://bit.ly/2CP1fwO