ritika shukla
1 week

Uniform Driving Licenses Across India in 2019

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has confirmed the official date for the implementation of a new, uniform driving license and vehicle registration certificate. The Union government will issue driving licenses and registration certificates with exactly the same design, colour and printed information across all states and union territories.

The system was supposed to be implemented in July this year but according to media reports, the government has now announced that the new system will be effective starting October 01, 2019.

The new driving license will have an advanced microchip with features such as a quick response (QR) code and near field communication (NFC) i.e a similar technology used in ATM/credit cards. The updated technology will help the centre to retain records and penalties of the driver up to ten years on the centralised online database. The new licence will also hold records of differently abled (handicap) drivers and the changes done to their vehicles according to their preference. The new driver's licence will also carry the person's declaration to donate organs.