Palava City
3 months

We are sometimes called the New Era Experts in computers, sometimes we are called as Super Friendly Technical Company. Sometimes we are known for the express service we provide and sometimes as the best service providers.

We are Siddhivinayak Computers and we provide day in, day out....On field, Of Field Services related to your Technical gadgets like your Computers, Laptops, CCTV installation & Networking, Biometric, Servers and Printers. We not only give you the best service , but have the best servicing Price. As per your need, we provide the following services:

1. On the Field Technician - Technician reaches at your doorstep or your office for resolving the concern.
2. On the Web Service - If any Software issues....No need to waste your precious time. We will do everything remotely.
3. Express Service - The technician reaches your requested place and resolves the issues with 1-2 hours.
4. AMC - Best Service to go for. Get tension free for an year with non comprehensive coverage to cover the issues.

Don’t wait for any issues to damage your precious gadgets. Call us now or Whatsapp on 9324376457/9920378277

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