ManageMyPass the most secure and yet shareable password manager.
ManageMyPass – The Secure and Shareable Password Manager

Yes. There are a many other online Password Managers out there. So what is that makes ManageMyPass special?

I asked this question myself when I started looking out for a password manager that offers me easy of storing website username and passwords so I can open these accounts without having to remember the ids.

And yet, I felt none of the online password managers I could trust. So I developed one of my own and started using it.

So the first thing I need to make sure was that even if the server where all my account ids are stored is hacked, the hackers would not be able to get to my account credentials. And for this I developed my own encryption algorithm that made sure this is water tight. You can read all about this algorithm on

Now that I created a secure password manager for myself, I thought why not share it with rest of the world and thus was born

So, all I can say is this may not be the most user friendly password manager out there but most certainly the most secure. If you store your ids even I cannot know what they are without getting access to your account username and password. So this means, all you need to remember is one single username and password, one that is not easily guessed by anyone.

How ManageMyPass can help you in other ways!

Consider ManageMyPass as your digital vault where you save all your important accounts and their credentials and something you can pass on to your loved ones if something were to happen to you. All you need to share with your loved ones is the username and password of your ManageMyPass account. And they will get access to all your other accounts.

Right now ManageMyPass is in private beta. This means we have not yet opened registration for the public. So if you need an account, write to us at and we will create your personal ManageMyPass account. And it will not cost you anything. It is a Free account.

Once we open up registration, we shall be charging a certain one time fee for a new account but your account will remain free forever for being an early adopter.

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