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PassMeh – Help Nearby

Check in to and get yourself connected to nearby people you desperately want to connect with!

Be it financial, personal or health related or even getting a job. Yes, we sit next to people on the bus, train, share ride on a car or at the airport. And sometimes it may happen that the person sitting next or nearby is someone we would like to connect as he or she has the solution to a critical problem we are facing.

Well aims to offer this platform where you can share what you are seeking and what you can offer others and then PassMeh matches you with people across the world or alert you if such a person happens to be nearby.

Ofcourse, keeping privacy concerns in mind, it is upto you and other members who join PassMeh as to how one would like to be connected or even alerted. But most people would like to be connected instantly in a public place.

Visit and sign up today.

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