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" Manually operated, a person need to compress a bellows-like contraption in order to suck in the dust, which will pass through a flexible pipe. This is perhaps the closest thing at that time to the modern vacuum cleaner. A year after, American janitor James Murray Spangler, created an electric version of the vacuum cleaner with the use of a fan, a bax and a pillow case. 

Present day car vacuum cleaners are equipped with powerful machines that can easily remove dust from your car interior. With various attachments, you will also be able to reach those tight cracks and corners like the areas around the car seats, behind the dashboard, and near the sides of the trunk. For cars, both the portable vacuum cleaners and the upright units are at your disposal. 

Less than a century ago, Axel Wenner-Gren, on a one-time window-shop-stroll through the busy streets of Vienna, Austria, he saw a vacuum cleaner in one of the shop windows. An insight immediately came into mind, What if every household will have the good chance to own one like it, life will be easier and happy. 

Vacuum cleaners positioned on a vertical angle almost reach up to human height of a grown-up child, and undeniably would be mistaken for a person in that state while covered with a semblance of a beautifully dressed doll. The facts that vacuum cleaners are almost a part of one s household being a basic cleaning necessity, one may be obliged to create any design something to cover it either for the purpose of protecting it against the elements, or to neutralize its being present as an appliance inside the house. 

Though these are still being used today, some households and offices have switched to the vacuum cleaner for this task. The first vacuum cleaner was invented in 1865. In the years that followed, better models were produced and it was only after the Second World War ended that the price of this household appliance was affordable to those in the middle class. 

The nice thing about Kirby vacuum cleaners is that these are all user friendly and lightweight. Since the models are so durable, some people have even passed this on from one generation to the next. Given that the company has been in operation for more than 70 years, a Kirby s owners club has been established helping people who have this at home acquire replacement parts as well as offering it to the new generation.